Mega is Back! Mobile + Gaming + Robots!

Please visit the official Mega Startup Weekend Webpage for complete details on this event!!!

It is that time again, Mega is back with a vengeance, and this time we are exploring the awesome worlds of Mobile, Gaming, and Robots! Mega Startup Weekend is the largest Startup Weekend in the Bay Area and in the world, hosting over 300 attendees in 3 different verticals. This is our annual Celebration of Entrepreneurship, hosted by Microsoft BizSpark, Startup America, and DEMO.

In keeping up with Startup Weekend tradition, this event is all about “Less Talk, More Action”, and the grand prize this year is to present at the DEMO conference. This time around, the winning teams from each “vertical” (Mobile, Gaming, and Robots) will be presenting on the DEMO main stage!

Last year’s Mega Startup Weekend was a huge success, and this year is going to be even bigger. You can see a short video of last year’s event here:

Each Vertical will have its own flavor, and bring together people of all types of backgrounds including: Hardware engineers, robot hackers, designers, software developers, mobile developers, marketers, gamers, game designers, game artists, game producers, and ENTREPRENEURS!!!

Here are the details on each Vertical:


The Mobile Vertical will focus on building Mobile businesses. Are we going to find the next Zaarly at Mega? Bring your idea to pitch on Friday night, build and validate over the weekend and then prepare a 5 minute pitch for Sunday night!



Have an idea for an awesome game? Pitch it on Friday night and then work on paper prototypes (card game, board game, turn based game) over the weekend! On Saturday night, we will be hosting a “Game Night” where all the teams will come in and play your game! On Sunday night, instead of pitching to the judges for 5 minutes, you will have 15 minutes to play your game with the judges!


How nice would it be to have Rosie (from the Jetsons) to do all your chores? In the Robot Vertical, we will be exploring how to use existing robots for other commercial purposes, or even building new robots to solve some existing problems. Pitch your idea on Friday night, build it over the weekend, and show off your badass robot on Sunday night to a panel of judges!

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