Maker Startup Weekend Teams!

Cargo Stand – Heesoo

Cargostand is an ergonomically designed stand for laptop and ipad users on-the-go. The product also functions as a holder for the laptop and ipad that carries accessories such as a keyboard, mouse and stylist. Currently laptop ergonomics is virtually nonexistent and Cargostand seeks to correct the improper posture of users on-the-go.




RoboRoasters- Chris McCann

Roboroasters has created a personal coffee bean roaster for in home use. Currently the roasters on the market are high end expensive roasters targeted primarily towards commercial use. RoboRoaster seeks to develop and sell their product at a $199 price point.

Spin Ball Jr.

Spin Ball Jr is a half scale spinball machine for home entertainment. Unlike a full size spinball that is expensive and large in size- Spinball Ball Jr. seeks to be economical and compact.


The team is creating a device that communicates with a cloud application to allow the ability to remotely trigger actions.






Relay Rabbits

The team is creating a programmable light that can be controlled through the cloud, but initially by an iOS device. The light can be programmed to have mood based lighting themes that can be used by kids, patients in hospitals, and at parties. The light can connect to the users existing network to communicate with the iOS device.

Musical Tire Swing

The team is creating a musical tire swing that has flashing LEDs and plays musical tones based on the motion of the tire swing. The invention would be used by children on playgrounds in schools and parks, could be placed in a child friendly area, museums, or used in a home based playset.






The team has designed carrying cases that can be attached to laptops and tablet devices temporarily to carry accessories and free-up a hand. The Quiver can be quickly attached and removed due to its special backing, and can easily carry a stylus, pencils & pens, usb flash drives, keys, etc.

DIY Gel Box

A cheaper solution very expensive Gel Boxes used to analyze DNA.

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