Mobile girls :)

Hey guys, I have a great news for you: The girls are back!

Since the first Startup Weekend/Women20 we did, we are always happy to work together to help women entrepreneurs. I asked them to describe themselves (cf the post under) feel free to join us this weekend before it sold out! Mobile is really changing a lot of things and now having people like Alexia who launched Foodspotting is just too awesome to not happen again!

Women 2.0 aims to increase the number of female founders of technology startups. The Women 2.0 strategy is to network women with other entrepreneurs, experienced executives, and investors; provide direct access to “startup-friendly” resources (financial and non-financial) to launch their company; encourage women to work with and in the field of technology; and present forward-thinking knowledge in entrepreneurship.

You can check “In Conversation” videos and podcast interviewing female founders and technology leaders, to Pitch, women20 annual global business model competition.

To keep up with their upcoming events, subscribe to the mailing list, follow them on Twitter (@women2), and check out their Facebook Page.

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