If you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear Iphones in your hair :)

That’s it we are back for a very special Startup Weekend! This Startup Weekend is going to be focus on Mobile (any mobile you can go crazy!!) For the ones who don’t know Startup Weeekend, this is a chance for you to go from idea to business in a weekend! For the ones who has been to a Startup Weekend , this is a good way to experiment new things to be a better entrepreneur (Learning by Doing!)

We have the chance to have the event @kicklabs an amazing incubator in the very center of San Francisco, you’ll have no excuses. This is the first event of the year in San Francisco so don’t miss it. We are almost always sold out. So spread the word to your friends and join us for the best startup event of the valley! (yes we are not modest :)

If you can’t make it this time you’ll be welcome to the next one!

Hashtag : #swbay

Can’t wait to see u guys!

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